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Jim's Gardening Tips

        • I know this rainy weather can be discouraging for those of us that like to plant perennials, trees, shrubs and evergreens, BUT the GOOD NEWS is that we have plenty of time to plant.  Because plants are in containers now adays, we can plant SEASON LONG well into the fall. Our landscape crews frequently go into late October and plant material is available all season long as well, with new plants coming in when needed.

          May 22, 2019

          1 – With the weather relatively cool, it would be best to wait to plant our warm season crops this year.  These include tomatoes and peppers.  Planting them around Memorial Day, hopefully the ground will be warmer then and they will still do well.

          2 – When planting perennials, trees, evergreen and shrubs remember to amend the soil.  our soils in this area tend to have a higher clay content.  We suggest using sphagnum peat and composted manure mixed with the excavated soil when planting.

          3 – The best height to be mowing most of our lawns this time of the year is 2.5 to 3 inches.

          4 – Do you like to make jams and jellies? Try planting a CHESTNUT CRABAPPLE – you will not be disappointed.

          June 27th, 2018

          We are seeing evidence of Japanese Beetles starting to make their way into our yards and gardens already.  We can not predict where they are going to land but if you have plants you want to protect, you can take some preventive measures.  You can use insecticide sprays but you must make contact with the insect with this method and it will not take care of the next ones that move in.  You can also use a systemic that is applied to the ground prior to their arrival.  It is absorbed by the plant and serves as a preventative.  A systemic should not be applied to anything consumed.



          • June 20, 2018

            I thought I would never hear myself say, ‘no watering’ but the recent rains have us rethinking how we take care of our vegetables, annuals, newly planted trees and shrubs and our planters this time of the season  Overwatering can be detrimental to our plants. We still need to be cognizant of the watering needs of our plants.  It works well to use your index finger along side the plants to check for watering.  If it comes out muddy, watering can wait, but if it comes out dry, water. The location and containers that our plants are in will dictate how rapidly the plants dry out.  But right now, probably less water is best.  Please call the garden center if you have any questions and remember when watering, morning is best.



            • June 4, 2018

              It has come to my attention this past week that I have been seeing some lawns being rolled and aerated.  It bears worth mentioning again that we should only roll lawns when the ground is dry.  If rolled when the ground is damp or wet will only compact the soil.

              Aeration should be done in the fall.  We use  nature’s freezing and thawing action to help loosen our soils.  We can not get that effect by doing that in the spring plus we wind up mowing the plugs that are withdrawn from the lawn, which does nothing.

              May 29th, 2018

              Well. it looks like we have gone from Winter to Summer.  It is particularly important that we pay attention to the water needs of our flowering annuals, newly planted perennials, trees and shrubs. Some plants will need to be watered daily, particularly if they are in containers.  It is also important that when plants are watered that they get sufficient enough water to help them make it through the day, but not too much to cut off oxygen to the plants.


              Your index finger works well to see if the plants are being watered well.  Place along side the plant, if it comes up ‘muddy’ no watering is needed.  If it comes out ‘dry’, please water.


              Watering of plants do best if watered in the morning so the plant has moisture to draw on during the heat of the day.

              May 25th, 2018

              Now that winter looks like it is finally gone, planting of trees, shrubs and perennials is in full swing.  As a landscape company we continue to install plants almost up until Thanksgiving.  Folks should not hesitate to plant trees, shrubs and perennials ALL season long.  If Turtle Creek Nursery & Landscaping can keep plants alive ABOVE the ground, there is plenty of confidence to plant them IN the ground.


              Happy Planting Season!

              May 16th, 2018

              LAWN CARE:

              1 – it is best when mowing your lawn to mow it at about 3 inches high; the last mowing of the season prior to going into winter it should then be mowed shorter

              2 – dandelion control: the best time to apply post emergent herbicide is when they are young and before growth; if applied once the dandelion grows, the chemical will not work well.  you might consider a fall application as the plant goes dormant

              3 – crabgrass control: usually pre-emergent herbicides should be applied once the air and soil temperatures are warmed.  in a ‘normal’ year, usually would be applied about the 3rd week in May just prior to the lilacs blooming



              May 8th, 2018

              When selecting a tree for your yard, decide if you want it for screening  (ex: Arborvitae), shade (ex: Maple, Oak, Linden), fruit (ex: apple, cherry) or ornamental (ex: flowering crab, Serviceberry) purposes.


              Once you have decided on the type of tree to fit your needs, you then need to consider if the space is adequate for the tree, is the light condition alright for the tree, are there any utilities above or nearby that might prove troublesome and are the soil and water conditions right for the tree.

              HAPPY TREE PLANTING !


              May 2nd, 2018

          As we begin to plant our annuals and perennials into planters and the ground, check to make sure the soil is thoroughly warm.  Once the plants are planted be ready to cover those plants at night if night temps go down into the 40’s.  Your soil should be ‘very workable’.  If it is hard or crusty, you may need to amend the soil.  Personal at the garden center can advise you as to what soil replacements or amends will work for your situation.
          April 27, 2018
          Sure is nice to have sunny weather!  Do not be too anxious to rake our yards.  We like to have the ground  firm before raking so we do not compact the soil and pull out grass plants in the soft ground.  A nice rain will help to settle the ground before raking.







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