Turtle Creek Favorites

Eric: Jacks Fertilizer

We have been growing with Jacks fertilizer for over 5 years now and absolutely love this fertilizer. One main difference between Jacks and some of the other leading brands is that Jacks completely dissolves in water not leaving any residue behind. This means that all of the fertilizer is hitting your plants. Stop in today and let us show you the Jacks difference.

Jim: Barberry, Sunjoy Citrus

Want a splash of color in your landscape?  Try Sunjoy Citrus Barberry.  Compact 2 ft by 3 ft plant.  Yellow leaves that holds its color well into fall.  Hardy for our zone.  A very low maintenance plant.  Will tolerate full sun to partial shade.

Kerry: Peony

There are over 33 Known varietys of Peony. I have 4 of them in a small garden. The first to bloom are the fern peony, next are the tree peony and the old fashioned with their big white, pink, and red floppy heads. My favorite variety is the Itoh. It is the last to bloom in the late spring. Their large multicolored blossoms of yellow, golds, and pinks last much longer than other varieties. They also hold up well to the late spring rains. The Itoh is also much more disease resistant thus making it an excellent landscape plant after the blooms are gone.

Patty: Fairy Gardens

I am so excited about these little cuties! Fairy gardens are a new take on an old favorite, the terrarium. These minature gardens are tiny worlds complete with mini furnishings, fairy-scale plants and plenty of mystique. Let your imagination run wild with this hot new trend. My favorite this year.. for sure!!

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