Turtle Creek Nursery Retaining Walls

When considering retaining walls for your yard, you need to figure the height of the elevated yard and the material you would like the wall made from. The most common walls built are concrete retaining walls. You should also take into consideration the purpose of the walls. Are they for creating a lower walkway? Are you trying to create a raised garden? Do you want to cut up your sloping yard into a flat, sectioned yard? There are many different uses and types of retaining walls.

Gravity Retaining Walls

Gravity retaining walls are designed to work by leveraging the weight and volume of the hardscape material to counter-balance the force and stress from behind.

Cantilevered Retaining Walls

Cantilevered retaining walls are constructed using an interior piece of treated metal, hardened concrete, or mortared filament.

Anchored Retaining Walls

Anchored retaining walls are constructed with some much needed extra structural support. This extra support is given by cables that are attached to the concrete or stone materials used for the wall and then anchored into the soil behind them.

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