Turtle Creek Nursery Plantings

Let the professionals at Turtle Creek help with proper plant selection for successful landscaping. Plants and colors are the "flavors" that bring your garden to life. They're also elements that can be used with purpose such as screening, shade, erosion control, dividing, focal points and noise control.

Choosing the right plants for the right place and purpose is helpful for professional looking, working, and manageable landscaping.

Primary considerations for selecting landscape plants

Height and Width are figured by the mature size a plant will reach in both upward and outward directions.

Form is the shape of the plant and how it will occupy and accent space.

Texture is the fineness or roughness of plants. It can also be categorized in terms of leaf thickness and shade(light or dark) of plants. As a rule, plants with finer textures should be used in greater numbers than plants with coarse textures.

Secondary considerations for selecting landscaping plants

Insect and disease resistance

Sun or Shade

Moisture tolerance

Drought Resistance

Soil Type

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